Clone Me helps you give back to the community! 

We will collect your items and donate to families and organizations.


Beds, Blankets, Sheets & Pillows

Strollers - helps get the animals off of the ground when its hot

Dog Food & Treats

Dog Leashes & Harness


Gently Used Clothing: T-shirts. Pants. Shorts. Socks. Shoes

Hygiene Bags: Wipes. Tampons. Soap. Toothbrush. Toothpaste

Snack Packs & Water


We collect books of all kinds. We donate them to senior centers and food banks.

Formal Dresses & Shoes

Donated to girls at Jr High and High Schools that can not afford a dress and accessories for prom or dances.

Towels, Sheets, & Blankets

Donated to various animals rescues

Receipts given upon donations when available. We will also provide your an itemized list of your donations